Training – Cross Gym Power Training

My training is realy simple. I try to sweat as much as I can! At 95% my training lessions I start with about 30 minutes warm up.
Change your warm up and also your workouts as much as you can. Cycling, stair climbers, running and do not forget rowing because this machine is one of the best and strangely always available. You wonder why? Haha I know it 😉

I started with fitness and gym workout because I was fat and unhealthy!

Here’s how I looked without training and healthy fitness nutrition.

Training and a healthy bodytransformation

The middle pictures are from summer 2013. At the end of 2013 I looked worse with more than 235 lbs, but I was to afraid to make pictures. Now December 2016 with a couple of exercises each week and healthy food and drinks I have about 182 lbs and I am  in the best condition of my life.

Learn more about a healthy bodytransformation!
“It’s easy – Sweat in your training as much as you can!”

Training Motivation

Getting up and getting started is the most difficult but it is possible. Nobody needs some trainings partner or some coach to start. Look at the mirror, what does your reflection says? If you are not satisfied, START but start today with your first training. It does not matter if you are weak. No MASTER has fallen from heaven. It does not matter if you are weak. No Master has fallen from heaven. Start with a few minutes workout and get up from month to month. Yes from month to month. You do not have to surpass your best in every workout.

Do not forget!!

Each step counts therefore does not take the lift. My gym is in the third floor. How much do you think take the lift? Ooohh these fitness freaks are too much. If you need help to start or to find your daily motivation register here and following my workout videos and motivation posts.

Contact me with your personal questions. I can help you to change your lifestyle in a very easy way. Take the chance to transform your body.