Transformation workout is a never ending story.

Transformation workout by Thomas Polz.

transformation workoutMy transformation workout started 2014 with a couple of problems. I had no idea about healthy food or real training. Believe it or not. I managed 0 pull-ups or quiet a lot of push-ups. But I didn’t care. No master has ever fallen from heaven. And I always think: Better late than never.

So I started my transformation workout in which I’ve learned to listen to my body and not to listen at some workout plan from someone else. Why? Because I think no plan can tell you how your body reacts to certain exercises.

Transformation workout video

Try to test as many different exercises as possible. Catch your training with little weight. Some are easier to handle some are really exhausting. For me it is important to perspire in practice. So I start 95% of my trainings with a 30 minutes cardio warm-up to get really warm and bring the body to temperature. It is important for the metabolism and prevents injuries.  I would not coldly start a really heavy workout. That’s for me with 36 years to dangerous ;-).

Transformation workout rule number one: Listen to your body. No plan can tell you how your regeneration runs.

Transformation workout and healthy food

healthy foddThe most important part for a long time transformation is healthy nutrition for a good clean sport and fitness lifestyle. I want to be more than 104 and not die with 60th due to pills, steroids or other harmful additives. I eat healthy and I do not close my eyes to the science and therefore I use the best BIO NO Booster which is available on the market. And that’s RED BEETROOT. I try the sugar industry and the wrong bodybuilding supplement, steroids industry the battle cries because it is time for a change back to real healthy food without chemically things or other harmful additives for more false muscles or only more weight on the weighing machine.

It is never too late to be fit. Your body will thank you. 💪🙏