Running routes in Upper Austria – Bad Schallerbach

Running routes Upper Austria – Bad Schallerbach

Outdoor TrainingRunning routes Upper Austria you can find in the nice local community Bad Schallerbach. This locality has about 4000 inhabitants. Is a few minutes away from the next highway where you can visit for example Salzburg within an hour or Linz in about 30 minutes

Bad Schallerbach is a health resort known for its highly effective sulphurous water. The sulfur thermal source was developed in 1918 and extended to a modern spa complex in Austria, the Eurothermen Resort Bad Schallerbach.

Forest running routes Upper Austria

Running routes Upper AustriaI love running in nature and I like to mix my runs. Sometimes on the street, sometimes in the wood. Here you can also find a small cross-country run in the forest. The forest gives me strength. And the air is much better than in some city.  But where is Jane? And please do not forget the stairs 😉

Here there are beautiful parks for running routes in Upper Austria. Bad Schallerbach is really a nice place in Upper Austria. It is all very clean and the natural space is given. From young to old, all are welcome.

Do not run because a plan says you should run. Listen to your body. He knows better what is good for him. Try to mix as much as possible and sweat as often as possible.

Running routes with specialties

Outdoor FitnessLike I said, I love to mix it. Here you can make between running a few pull ups. Or hang around.

Next to it is a hill. I always sprinted it and I call it “Deadlift Run” because after a good sprint upward with full of power I am dead and the rest of the way home I enjoy the nature 🙂

Nice running routes Upper Austria in Bad Schallerbach

As always a nice run. This time again with a powerfull sprint and a few exercises at the playground. Bad Schallerbach a perfect Austrian Tourist Resort is definitely worth a visit. You equal can relax in the thermal baths next to the running routes.


Another running day? Where is my…

Another running day?

Oohh no that was a special comeback running day for me. Why did I need more motivation today? Last 2 weeks were a little bit strenuous. A lot of work, I checked a couple of websites. Onlinemarketing and seo are my work at the moment. I changed my place of residence again. I do not know, but to often for the last years. Now I sty temporary in a hotel room in Bad Schallerbach. Some nice small spa town in Upper Austria.  After these working days I was 3 day ill. Oohh such a knockout I never had before. 3 days only sleeping and to less good food. So now I feels like 10 pounds less muscles, no condition and WHERE is my motivation??

Do you ever lost your motivation in life? Yes, I did too, a couple of times at it feels like every time a little bit deeper but I comeback every time stronger. Life is like a rollercoaster but the important thing is that you learn at each point of change of direction in your life that you always have more choices and be always thankful and quitting is not an option.

Another Running DayAnother running day?

After such days, a new start in my training is always extremely difficult for me. Everything is possible in the head but only not how I start the next training. Sometimes you just need happiness but your eyes for new motivation must always be open.
My today’s extra motivation for another running day was in the letterbox. I ordered compression socks and a compression shirt a few days ago. The clothes were easier than expected to wear and felt very good during the run. The body posture was different than usual. The compression zones and back shapeup zones support my back very well and my back hurts because of 3 days only in the bed. Ath the calves it also felt comfortable. It was just a short 30 minutes of warum-up run. Further experience of the Strammer Max Premium wear reports follow.

Another running day motivation?

It feels good to change the route. If I run the same route to often it is a little bit demotivate for me. They have a couple of very nice parks in Bad Schallerbach so the change of my place of residence again has also some good point of view. The second motivation for a new running day was an email from NinjaWarriorGermany – Casting in Munich is approaching so I have to stay fit.

Be always thanksful. Thanks my wonderful empress. I can learn from you every day, thanks!