After Work Run always a hard story

After Work Run always a hard story

After Work RunA after work run is for me always a hard story. Today I finished a lot of writing. Preperations for 2017 running so still working to the end of this year. At the moment it is not that easy to start my runs. Again -1 celsius is not the best weather for a run after work. I try to change my running course as often I can and there was a surprise again for me. I found again some funny playground to hang arround and train for the next Ninja Warrior Saison. I have a couple of destinations 2017, Fibo2017, MensHealth Germany and Ninja Warrior Germany. Therefore a lot of training and home work is necessary.

A run after work is not my favorite cardio but always a big fun

It`s easy – sweat as much as you can.

RunThis great pleasure after a nice run, today I included a couple of small raising. Changed my last running course and found new nice places around my new residence in Bad Schallerbach Upper Austria. There is a big spa/wellnes resort next to me and they offer nice parks with a lot of tools to train outside the gym in the nature. Look at this picture. I like to run at such beautiful places.

Enjoy the nature at your after work run

Power TrainingNot the best weather conditions but I love it. Surley I train a lot of hours in my favorite Fitness Center but I enjoy it to run outside with fresh air. For me this is necessary to find my minds and to inhale fresh new power. Do not be afraid to lose muscles at a 30 minutes run. Rejoice over more condition. Hanging around is important for my Ninja Warrior Casting so today I croos my run again with a couple of exercises at the new playground.