CROSS GYM CLUB – Power Training

Power Training Cross Gym Club how come? For about 3 years I had approximately 105 kilogram. Have not paid attention to my food. Made no sport and felt very unhappy and unhealthy. Then I looked in the mirror and thought it can not go on like this. I started with small workouts, informed me about healthy nutrition and changed my life. Now I have about 83 kilogram and I am healthier and happier than ever. I found my inner power and silence to focus my energy on things which make me happy.

You have to train to listen to your body. Nobody can predict your exact energy consumption, each day is different so learn what your body realy need. Also shock your metabolism and not only your muscles.

Training Motivation

My new challenge! My goal is to strengthen the entire body with a few consecutive high intensity gym exercises. I believe that high-intensity training is the best way to improve my body, muscles and heart.  This  form of power training boosts the overall strength of my body. The high intensity exercises combined with staying power leads to a stronger heart and more power in life. I use the muscular shock system and constantly change my training processes. Right: 2013 summer and December 2013, I did not even manage a pullup, left picture was September 2014. On this day, I have unfortunately injured my right shoulder. But you can see in the video I am stronger than ever back.

Cross Gym – Cardio Training – Yodio

Fitness TrainerBut do not forget the endurance training because that’s a very important part in the Cross Gym Fitness Training. If you make no cardio workout you have not enough staying power to complete a good Cross Gym Club session. I try to enter a couple of HIIT elements in the most each cardio training to boost my heart power. Again, a continuous change of my training processes. Running, cycling, stair climbers and do not forget rowing because this equipment is always available. Have you ever wondered why?


“It is simple but HARD and not made for everyone!!” by Thomas Polz

Cross Gym – Healthy Nutrition

Healthy Bodytransformation

The most important part is healthy nutrition for a good clean sport and fitness lifestyle. I want to be more than 100 and not die with 50th due to pills, steroids or other harmful additives. I eat healthy and I do not close my eyes to the science and therefore I use the best BIO NO Booster which is available on the market. And that’s RED BEETROOT. I try the sugar industry and the wrong bodybuilding supplement, steroids industry the battle cries because it is time for a change back to a healthy balanced nutrition without too much chemically food or other harmful additives for more false muscles.

Cross Gym – Yoga

Cross Gym Training SystemHow it all came you’ll soon read on But I would like to thank Yoga Linz and BIO NO-Booster for support here. I see you just smile ;-). But Yoga teached me lead up my whole inner power and that’s very important to not equal give up if I have no more oxygen at some longer Cross Gym session. Do not be afraid to try it once. You will be surprised how hard one hour Yoga can be.

Many thanks to the Fitness Center. Thanks for the great training opportunities and wellness facilities such as Sauna. Nothing is better then some nice hot extraction after a hard cross training. Furthermore you can train how you handle situations with little oxygen. If you will leave the Sauna. Stand and think: another 10 seconds, another 10 seconds…

You are also keen sportsman/sportswoman? Then share the fitness lifestyle from Cross Gym Club. Thanks for your support!

bodytransformationATTENTION – RISK OF ADDICTION! The flash comes from power workout to workout later. But if you will strengthen your muscle, body and your heart you will love the extra energy after a special Cross Gym Club power workout.